Posted on Dec 4, 2020

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The term blacklisted or blacklisting is a widely used term to describe when a consumer is unable to qualify for new credit facilities. These rejections are due to an impaired credit record and not due to the consumer being on a blacklist. An impaired credit record is when there is a record of non-payment of outstanding debts on loans, credit cards, bonds and clothing accounts. As this overused phrase "blacklisted" is being used there is, in fact, no blacklist out there. Consumers cannot get blacklisted as getting blacklisted does not exist.

In South Africa, credit bureaus report on consumers payment behaviours. Should a consumer have a poor repayment credit profile, prospective credit providers will decline new credit facilities. This rejection does not mean that the consumer is on a blacklist.

A credit report is a snapshot and history of a consumers' payment behaviour. The history of this information may reflect on their credit report for a period ranging from 1 year – 10 years. The information on a credit report includes good and bad payment behaviours. Consumers see negative information such as judgments or having a poor payment profile as being on a blacklist.

These consumers assume that they have now been blacklisted.

Having a low credit score due to negative information might also get misconstrued as being a blacklisted consumer.

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