Posted on Dec 10, 2020

Credit Salvage Corporation SA (Pty)Ltd

What is Blacklisted, Creditworthiness, credit scores and Affordability?

Blacklisted, Creditworthiness, credit scores and Affordability. What are these terms? When applying for credit, these terms will usually pop up when a credit provider declines a credit application. Understanding what these terms mean will help you understand why you have been unsuccessful in securing new credit.

According to the National Credit, a registered Credit provider needs to do in-depth investigations into affordability and creditworthiness. Most Credit providers will outright decline a credit application if a consumer has adverse information on their credit report and got blacklisted. Should a credit provider fail to do these credit assessments, they will be risking granting credit recklessly. Approving credit recklessly is against provisions of the Credit Act.

Credit providers all have different credit policies when assessing a new finance application. Some credit providers will have high affordability rules. Other credit providers will focus on a combination of the two. In this article, we will explain these different terms and, in the process, assist you with information to get a low-risk creditworthiness and affordability profile.
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