Posted on Feb 14, 2021

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Debt Review vs Credit Bureau Clearance!

Are you struggling to cope with debt and low credit scores? We analyse Debt review vs Credit bureau clearance services in this article. In South Africa battling consumers seeking help with their debts or credit records have a variety of options to choose from.

Unfortunately, there are several terms on the web that can confuse the average consumer. To add insult to injury numerous websites will deceive you into one service when that service is not suitable for your particular problem. Six of those terms are:

Debt Counselling
Debt review
Credit bureau clearance
Credit repair
Blacklisting repair
ITC Clearance

Debt review is a regulated and educational program for consumers who have trouble managing and paying their debt. These consumers will be getting declared overindebted by a debt counsellor.

Credit bureau clearance is a process whereby credit reports get scrutinized and analyzed for errors. Any incorrect information gets updated or deleted.

The ITC credit bureau clearance process takes a poor credit record and making changes to it to improve credit scores and creditworthiness.

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